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The Surgical Dermatology service focuses on resolving skin conditions and promoting healthier skin. Understanding the value of well-being and self-confidence, the service strives to deliver personalized skin health solutions. With a team of dedicated professionals, the service offers comprehensive skin evaluations, diagnoses, and treatment strategies for various skin conditions. The commitment to patient care and expertise in dermatology surgeries ensures each patient receives effective and personalized treatment plans. With the benefits of state-of-the-art procedures and evidence-based treatments, patients can trust in the commitment to their skin health. Ensuring the best possible outcome for every patient is always the highest priority.

Mole and Skin Lesion Removal

Mole and skin lesion removal is one of the sub-services under surgical dermatology that patients can avail. It involves the expert and precise removal of moles and skin lesions that may cause discomfort or signal skin health concerns. The service aims to restore skin to its healthy state, while also reducing potential health risks. The dermatology team, with their rich experience and expert skills, ensure safe and effective removal procedures.

Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancer surgery is another critical service provided, focusing on treating and preventing the further spread of skin cancer. The team follows meticulous procedures, ensuring that all cancerous cells are effectively addressed. Patients can benefit from early detection and treatment, enhancing their health and chances of recovery.

MOHS Surgery

MOHS surgery is a specialized surgical technique used to treat certain types of skin cancer. It involves removing thin layers of skin tissue and examining them under a microscope until no cancer cells are detected. This process is repeated until all cancer cells have been removed. MOHS surgery is known for its high success rate and minimal scarring.


A common yet potentially troublesome skin concern, warts can be effectively treated through the wart removal service. Providing relief from the discomfort and potential self-consciousness caused by warts, the team ensures safe and complete removal, bringing back your skin's smooth and natural feel.


Skin biopsies are essential to diagnosing skin conditions and planning effective treatment strategies. Collecting a small skin sample can diagnose a wide range of skin diseases, including cancer. The service helps detect conditions early with careful and precise procedures, enabling prompt and effective treatment.


Cysts can be a source of discomfort and worry, but the cyst removal service aims to alleviate these concerns. By removing cysts in a safe and sterile environment, the team ensures optimal outcomes, minimizing scarring and promoting a quicker recovery.

Surgical Repair of the Skin

The surgical repair of the skin service is dedicated to treating and improving various skin conditions that may need surgical intervention. The goal is to restore the skin’s function and appearance to the best possible state, ensuring patients can return to their daily routines confidently.


Keloid treatment involves managing and reducing the appearance of keloids, which are raised scars that extend beyond the original injury site. The service focuses on relieving symptoms and improving the skin’s appearance, enhancing the patients’ self-confidence and comfort.


What does surgical dermatology involve?

Surgical dermatology involves procedures to diagnose and treat various skin conditions, including skin cancer, cysts, moles, warts, and keloids, among others.

Is surgical dermatology safe?

Yes, all procedures under surgical dermatology are performed by skilled and experienced dermatologists in a safe and sterile environment, ensuring patient safety.

How do I know if I need surgical dermatology?

If you have persistent or worsening skin conditions despite standard treatments, you may need surgical dermatology. Always consult with a dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

What is the recovery time for dermatology surgeries?

Recovery time can vary based on the specific procedure and individual patient factors. Your dermatologist will provide you with detailed information based on your situation.

Can surgical dermatology procedures leave scars?

While some procedures may potentially leave a mark, dermatologists use advanced techniques to minimize scarring and improve cosmetic outcomes.

Are these procedures painful?

Most surgical dermatology procedures involve local anesthesia to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Any post-procedure discomfort can be managed with medication.

What's the difference between surgical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology?

Surgical dermatology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions, while cosmetic dermatology is more focused on enhancing appearance, though there can be overlaps.

How do I prepare for a dermatology surgery?

Preparation depends on the specific surgery. Your dermatologist will provide detailed instructions during your pre-surgery consultation.

What can I expect after the surgery?

Post-surgery, you may need to follow specific care instructions to aid recovery and get the best results. This information will be provided by your dermatologist.

Can surgical dermatology procedures help with skin cancer?

Yes, skin cancer surgeries are a key part of surgical dermatology, which can effectively treat various types of skin cancer.